Our 8 Favourite Apps For Social Media Marketing

When you think about all of the different social media platforms and apps are out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth using. When it comes to making your life easier as a digital marketer or brand owner, these are some of our personal favourites:


If you want to create your own Instagrammable quotes or simply play around with words and images then Over is perfect for you. You can start with a basic background and build on it using the app’s templates and variety of fonts. This is a great feature if you want to upload text images to Instagram without ruining your theme.



One of the biggest struggles on Instagram is wanting to upload a photo, but not knowing if it will fit in nicely with your theme. Using the Planoly app, you can plan your Instagram feed and see how the photos you want to upload will look next to the images you’ve already uploaded. You can also schedule content too if you’re looking to get ahead of the game.


In our opinion, Facetune is one of the easiest and quickest photo editing apps you could download. Whether you want to get rid of your spots on a selfie or touch up your #WhatIAteWednesday, you can edit even the most intricate parts of a photo.


Waaffle is a great app for social media analysis across different platforms. You can sign up your Twitter and Instagram accounts and create a series of feeds for different hashtags, accounts, or both. You can use these feeds to monitor the activity in a specific hashtag, for example. This makes it easier to engage with posts and accounts relevant to you, whether you want to like, comment, Retweet or follow.


If you can’t get to your laptop but still want to get ahead with your post scheduling, you need the Hootsuite app on your phone. Whether you need to schedule Tweets, Facebook posts or even the odd LinkedIn update, it can all be done from your phone. The Hootsuite app is laid out really well and is even easier to use than their desktop site.


If you want to take your Instagram feed to the next level, Instagrids Pro is well worth looking into. This app allows you to take a panorama or really large photo and chop into into several square pictures. This means you can upload them onto Instagram separately and together they’ll make one big image.


This is a little more typography based than Over but the concept is similar. On the TypiMage app you can play around with different images and text styles to create your own Instagrammable quotes.

Followers Pro

Ever wondered who isn’t following you back on Instagram? On the Followers Pro app you’re able to see who’s unfollowed you, unliked your picture and even who’s blocked you. It’s a really good way to track how many followers you’re gaining and losing on Instagram, which will give you an indication of how strong or weak your Insta game is. If you really want to improve your feed, you can also check which are your most and least successful posts in terms of likes and comments.

Photo Grid

If you want to tell the world about your #TransformationTuesday and shout about your progress in the gym, PhotoGrid is perfect for before and after photos. As well as making collages, you can also play with the layout of your photos and explore different filters.

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