New Twitter Update Allows Increased Character Limit

Twitter is changing. Since it all started, Twitter has never adjusted the 140 Tweet character limit. Now, they have announced that they’ve chosen some users to test out a potential new update which allows more characters per status. If the trial goes well, it might not be long before we’re all writing 280 character tweets.

Say goodbye to sacrificing apostrophes and over-using ‘omg’ for the sake of sticking to the 140 character limit. If Twitter makes the increased limit a permanent feature, you’ll no longer have to worry about sacrificing words to make your Tweets 140 characters or less.

In a blog post, Twitter’s Product Manager announced that the change is being put into place to make it easier for people to tweet in different languages, seeing as some languages require a lot more characters to convey a message than others.

For example, a person writing in Japanese may be able to fit more into a tweet than someone writing in English. In essence, Twitter say they want people to be able to express themselves more easily, which means giving them more characters to do so.

It looks as if Twitter is doing all it can to keep up with Instagram and Facebook. Both platforms allow users to write a lot more in status updates and captions that Twitter does. Maybe this is Twitter’s way of trying to get back on top.

That being said, many long term Twitter users hold the 140 character limit sacred and like the concise nature of Twitters timeline. The announcement has been met by much debate on the social network with many users arguing that Twitter’s charm is that it forces its users to be eloquent and concise.

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