6 Social Media Tips For Small Businesses

The growth of social media usage around the world means that participation for businesses is no longer optional but in fact integral. That being said, being present on social media and being effective on social media are two different things.

Below are some basic tips for social media beginners seeking to grow their brand.

1. Find which Social Media platforms are most relevant to you.

First you must consider: who are your target audience and what social media are they most likely to use?

For example the largest age group on Snapchat are the 18-24 year old’s, so if you are targeting a younger audience this could be the channel for you. Pinterest on the other hand is comprised of predominantly female users which could be idea for brands targeting female customers.

Before you create social media pages consider your target demographic and then research which platforms they are most likely to be on.

2. Build Relationships

Use your social media to engage and interact with your audience. Don’t talk at them, instead converse with them. Ask them questions and generate a two way dialogue.

3. Use The Same Handle On All Platforms

Every social network requires a “handle” or username. Using the same handle across all your social networks will make it easier for fans or customers to find you.

4. Add Social Icons To Your Homepage

If you are active on social media your social follow buttons should be on your website homepage. If you’re going to set up a social networking page then you need to make it as easy as possible for users to find you. It is also advisable that you add social follow buttons to your email signature as this is another great way to help potential customers connect with your pages.

5. Keep Posting

If you’re not going to update your social media channels you may as well not have them. Potential customers are far more likely to interact with you if they see your account is active. Use social media as a tool to connect and build relationships with your customers. An impressive following might not happen over night but it will happen if you keep at it.

6. Provide Useful Information

Whilst social media is a great way to promote your brand, if you really want to build your following you have to also provide information which other users find interesting or helpful. If you are a restaurant post the occasional recipe or if you are a fitness instructor post some diet tips.

Other social media users are far more likely to like or share content they find enjoyable or useful; which will in turn help build your pages at an accelerated rate.

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