New Instagram Update Lets You Share 10 Photos In One Post

Never one to be afraid of change, Instagram’s latest update will allow users to upload multiple images and videos to one post. Since storytelling though Social Media is on trend, Instagram will now allow their users to upload up to 10 photos or videos into one swipe-able carousel.

This feature was already available to paying advertisers on the platform, however this is the first time it has become open to public use. Essentially, Instagram will allow it’s users to upload a mini album in one post. 

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom explains that Instagram was very much a place where you “only get to see the highlights” however with the Instagram Carousel feature “you no longer have to choose the single best photo or video from an experience you want to remember” Instagram writes.

The feature will roll out globally on iOS and Android over the next few weeks. Once you have updated your Instagram app you will notice a new icon which allows you to select multiple photos and videos.

Users can then select up to 10 photos and videos which they can either edit individually, or apply a single filer to. You can select your preferred order and even tag friends into each photo. For now, all uploads to the Instagram carousel must be in the square format. The story will then be uploaded with a single caption and all likes received will apply to the entire post.

Speaking about the ability to publish multi-image posts, Instagram added: “Share your favourite moments of your best friend’s surprise birthday party – from setting up to when they walk through the door. Or create a step-by-step cake recipe that people can always find on your profile.”

This new feature allows users to add more context without cluttering up news feeds with multiple consecutive posts. Moreover, brands will be able to add more depth and clarity to their organic Instagram campaigns, as opposed to relying on the paid version of the carousel.

Instagram currently boasts over 600 million users. 150 million people use Instagram Stories every day, proving that there is an underlying demand for storytelling and suggesting that the Instagram Carousel will be just as popular as Stories, if not more so.

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