5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers

Instagram is becoming increasingly competitive when it comes to growth and generating business. One way you absolutely shouldn’t grow your page is by buying followers – here’s why…

Engagement To Follower Ratio Will Be Low

People often make the mistake of thinking that buying Instagram followers will bring genuine people to their page. In reality, the accounts that follow you when you buy them are just bots that won’t ever engage with you. They’ll never like your photos or click on your website. Engagement is what’s going to build your brand and bring you more business so that’s ultimately what you need to work on building.

Ruining Your Brand Reputation

If you’ve got thousands of followers but only get three likes on each photo then your page is going to look really suspicious. People will notice as it’s actually really easy to tell who’s buying followers and who’s growing their page organically. If you want people to believe in your brand and use your business then you have to show them that you’re genuine.

Potential Customers Won’t Trust You

If people who come across your Instagram page suspect that you’ve bought your followers, chances are they’re not going to trust you. Attracting people to your page organically is the only way that you’ll generate more business using Instagram. Instagram bots won’t read your posts and visit your website like real followers will.

Instagram Really Doesn’t Like It

Using dishonest social media tactics can land you in big trouble with Instagram. If you’re lucky, buying followers will just get you a warning. However, Instagram have been known to completely close accounts with fake followers. Not only will you lose your money but you’ll have to start your whole page again in this case.

Followers Aren’t Everything

Although it’s easy to assume that people are more likely to follow an Instagram page if it’s got a high following – this isn’t necessarily true. If you’re a restaurant and a potential customers is looking at your page, they’re not going to be focussed on your following. If your page is full of clear, high quality photos and you’re posting and interacting with people regularly then that will be enough.

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