7 Tips To Help Attract Your First 10k Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the biggest and fastest growing Social Networks of our time. Whilst that’s great news in terms of a potential audience figures, it also means you have to work extra hard in order to stand out.

If you want to gain a large and relevant following on Instagram it is important to post engaging content which your audience will love. That being said, there are other strategies which can be implemented in order to accelerate page growth. Some of these, are as follows…

1. Be Social

The point of Social Media is to be Social. If you want to gain followers it’s important to remember that Instagram isn’t so much about posting an endless stream of promotional photos and videos, but about interacting with other users. Like and comment on other people’s photos. Reply to comments on your own pictures. Interacting with other users is the most natural way to gain followers.

2. Promote Your Instagram Account Everywhere

Promote your Instagram account wherever possible. People are more likely to follow you on Instagram if they know you are there. Ensure you have a link to your Instagram on your website, your Facebook, your Twitter. Even include social links in your email signature and on your business cards. If someone is already familiar with your brand they are more likely to want to follow you on Instagram.

3. Give People A REASON To Follow You

Host competitions, post relatable content, make people laugh… in short, make your page as enticing as possible.

Tag relevant accounts into your pictures

Tag relevant accounts into your pictures

4. Tag Other Relevant Accounts Into Your Photos.

Where appropriate, tag larger relevant accounts into your photos.

If you are posting a photo wearing an item of clothing from a particular retailer, tag them in – they are more likely to repost your photo and give you credit. This could lead to their much larger audience visiting (and hopefully following) your page.

5. Post Consistently.

People like to follow accounts which are active; your followers expect content.

Moreover, every post provides an opportunity to gain new followers. If your content is relatable, your followers may tag their friends in the comment section of your pictures, which will often lead to new followers.

That being said, posting too many times in one day can also be off-putting to followers as they might feel you are overtaking their timeline; this may lead to un-follows. Find a balance and remember the key to Instagram posting is quality over quantity.

6.  Use Instagram’s Geotag Feature. 

Geotag your photos. Geotagging is essentially tagging your photo in at a particular location. This can be generic (aka London) or more specific (aka Burger & Lobster Dean Street) . People searching for photos in these locations will then be able to see your photo and may end up giving you a follow.

7. Hold A Contest On Instagram

Holding a competition can create excitement on your page and can also drive users who are keen to win something to follow you.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to post a photo onto Instagram and ask people to like the photo and tag a friend in order to be entered into the competition. A contest that requires tagging helps your company get organic traffic to your account and is a particularly good way of gaining followers.

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